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Courtney uses her camera as a real estate photographer for RedTerra Propiedades, bringing properties to life through captivating visuals that highlight their unique features and charm. She enjoys capturing the essence of a property, both inside and out. With great attention to detail, she ensures that each room is portrayed in its best light, showcasing its architectural elements, design, and functionality. Exterior shots are carefully composed to reveal the property's curb appeal, inviting potential buyers to explore further. Utilizing aerial photography techniques with her drone, Courtney provides a unique perspective that captures the scale, layout, and surrounding environment of each property. This allows for a comprehensive view, highlighting its location and offering a captivating visual experience. With a professional dedication to finding the perfect angles and utilizing the optimal lighting conditions, Courtney strives to make each property stand out from the rest. She understands the importance of capturing the essence of a space, evoking emotion, and sparking interest in potential buyers. You can see more properties at

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