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Beauty walks a razor's edge. One day I'll make it mine. - Bob Dylan These photos are a record of Courtney's personal photography odyssey, the times she has embarked on thrilling adventures to capture the sublime beauty of the natural world. Driven by a deep connection to the transcendental harmonies found in the great outdoors, Courtney seeks out breathtaking scenes to immortalize with her camera lens. With a passion for exploration, she delights in the physical and mental challenges of scaling mountains and summiting volcanes, finding life-sustaining inspiration in these awe-inspiring landscapes. In the untamed realms of nature, the sublime is her muse. Courtney's aim is to capture the grandeur of those moments and share it with those who cannot experience these remote places firsthand. Her photographs are a testament to nature’s inexhaustible allure, and the transcendental encounters in the mountains available only to the intrepid.

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